Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Someone's First Day...

Carter had his first day of school today! Isn't that just darling...the backpack is almost as big as he is. =P


  1. I remember those days!
    He's too cute!

  2. Yeah for school! Today is our first day.
    Oh Happy day! When they are small it's hard to watch them get on the bus. My girl is heading into the 4th grade. These last two weeks of summer have be rough..I'm bored, I'm hungery, can we go to...so YEAH school!

  3. Oh, my! I'm all misty-eyed. No pun intended. LOL! I remember Erin's first day as if it were yesterday. :D That is such a sweet picture. Wish I'd mailed his little gift earlier. Maybe he will see it as a reward for having gotten through his first week. Now I wish I'd sent something more special.

    Thanks for sharing this moment with us.

  4. Oh, he looks so cute and little heading into the bus!

    Hope Carter has the best year and loves school.

  5. So far Carter loves school...lets hope it stays that way!