Thursday, September 22, 2011

Snail Mail Social + Call for Correspondence

Annie over at Curbside Treasure has teamed up with Carolee (of Good Mail Day fame) to host a letter writing social in San Francisco on October 8th from 1pm-4pm. So if you are in that part of the country you should definitely stop by and write a letter.

Now...if you are like me and NOT in that part of the country you can email or leave a comment for Annie and she will add you to a list of people that are willing to be pen pals for the lucky people who come to the social. Lets face it...I am sure there are lots of people interested in letter writing..who have no one who will write them back. (And I am sure we have all felt that way at one time or another).

So if you are interested click that link above and send off a comment. =)

** On a similar note, Lou of Lou La La would like more pen pals. She is a crafty lady from the UK, and definitely worth writing to. So anyone interested should check out her blog at the link above and leave her a message! **


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  2. hi misty, thank you so much for posting about the snail mail social! i have gotten a bunch of responses for penpals via your blog :D thanks again!