Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stationery Update

That my friends is the stationery that I mentioned in a blog post about a week ago. All of that was purchase from Marshalls for around 4 dollars a box. Each box has at least 12 cards and envelopes in it..which is an amazing deal! And some even have multiple designs (like the doggie one).

So if you are in the states click that link above and see if there is a Marshalls near you! I promise if there is it is worth your trip. =)

Ps..some of you will be seeing this stationery in your mailboxes soon!!


  1. Aw, now I wish I had a Marshalls! Cute stash.

  2. Great collection!

    (my verification word is "fartmen")

  3. TMC- That is a funny verification word!! Thank you for sharing it. =)