Saturday, September 3, 2011

Interesting Finds

So I know I said that there would probably not be any blog posts til Monday..well...I apparently lied. No, lets say I fibbed..told a white lie? Oh well whatever I did..I apologize and hope to make up for it with this post. =)

Today Brad and I went on a mini adventure. We first stopped and ate lunch at Quiznos. He even talked me into having a different sandwich than normal. I usually eat a club..but I had something called a Baja Chicken. It was spicy and sweet all at the same time. Which means of was pretty good!

Then we saw this little guy clinging on the window.

After examining it I decided/determined that it was a female. They are usually larger than the males and typically males are more brownish in color. ( I know the mantis looks brown from this angle..but I promise it was much more vibrant green in person) Regardless, this is the first time this year that I have seen a Praying Mantis. I was super excited. =)

Then I talked Brad into visiting the local indoor flea market. Literally it is like..less than 5 minutes drive from his apartment. We rarely ever go though because the people in there usually want an arm and a leg for everything they have..OR..they have a bunch of junk that we don't want. And yes..I said JUNK.

But it just so happened that I came across a box of things I needed to have come home with me.
This is actually an old stationery box. It is beat up, but still has some charm.
And it was just full of stuff! Paper favorite!
It was actually full of V-Mail correspondence, postcards, a letter a few photos and a certificate announcing that this gentlemen was being appointed a technician of the 5th rank in a medical division. All of these papers were from the 1940's with exception to a few greeting cards..
So of course..I did what (I assume) anyone would do. I googled the name to see if I could possibly return these items to the owner..or perhaps someone in their family. I found out that the Sgt listed in these papers passed away in February. And from what I could find...I don't think he had children or even a wife. I am going to write to the funeral home to see if by chance they would put me in touch with whomever handled the funeral arrangements. I know he had nieces and nephews. And I hope I will be successful in returning these items. I will keep you posted. =)

I also found one other thing that I did not snap a picture I will borrow one from online:

I black licorice! And you cannot find this gum anywhere!! But I found it there and that made me happy. Though I wonder..does anyone else out there chew Black Jack? Or what about Teaberry? Or even the Clove Gum?? Oh man..I would love to be able to buy those gums around here.

Ok enough on that. I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Who knows..perhaps I will post more tomorrow?


  1. Nobody, except you, of course, likes black licorice, except for my mother and a few other unbalanced people. Shame, that stuff is awful! ;)

    I hope you find the Sgt's people. That is a special find. If not, you have something that you can look at and imagine...

  2. Haha. Black licorice is definitely an acquired taste!

    I agree, if I cannot find someone then I will still have some really neat pieces of history. And it will still certainly be worth my 6 dollars.

  3. What a fabulous find! And *you* are fabulous to try to track down the family and return it.

  4. Actually I just went to Sauders Village in Archibold, OH and they have all the old timey gums and candies that you could desire. Hitch up the wagon some weekend and grab your nephew- it's a good time.

  5. What a treasure! I loved Black Jack gum!! We have praying mantis in droves here in Washington state right now. I have never seen so many.

  6. Love the box and that it was filled with letters and postcards - what fun! I hope you're able to find his family and that they want these treasure from his life. That would be so cool.

    As for the Black Jack... you might want to visit this site >
    (sorry I don't know how to make it a link on here)

  7. God bless you , you have a good heart and that is so good of you to try and track down the family of this man . I often look at things like that and wonder what those ppls story is . I hope you find them and they appreciate your kindness and genorisity . again God bless you and you have a good heart .

  8. That's such a neat find! That's really nice that you're trying to return it.

    My brother had a situation like that where he found a play at a used booksale that was written by a man in our town. My brother looked the man up online and found out that he is 91 years old!

  9. Mabb- Thank you. I appreciate your comment. =)

    Becky- I will most certainly have to check this out! I am always game when there are interesting things to look at.

    SuddenlySusan- I have only seen one this year. I think perhaps this has to do with lack of habitat or perhaps *gasp* global warming?

    StoneZebra- Thanks for the website! I will have to do some looking (and probably buying) on there soon! I certainly hope I can track down some family to give back these items. They are too cool not to.

    Phonelady- Thank you so much for your kind comments. I appreciate each one.

    Marian- That is awesome! I love looking at things like this and see if I can track them down. Mainly because if someone had items from my family..I would hope they would attempt the same thing. =)

  10. The world needs more people like you! I am sure the family would appreciate that stuff not only because of their loved one because that is history! licorice thats all I have to say I have never heard of black gum Have a good week!

  11. i'd love to find something like that! google those gums, and you will find them on line. i know i've seen them several places!