Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aloha Shirts

Pardon the fuzzy picture. Today is the official release of the Aloha Shirts postcard rate stamps. There are five designs total, which you can view here.

Hawaiian shirts (Aloha Shirts)were made popular in the 30s when seamstresses in Hawaii would make shirts for business men out of left over Kimono fabric. The trend caught on and the Aloha shirt was born.

An interesting fact about Aloha shirts is that they were the reason we now have "Casual Friday". Employers in Hawaii would allow their workers to wear Aloha shirts to work on the last day of the week calling it Aloha Friday. The trend spread to the mainland and by the 90's was a mainstream idea. Instead of Aloha Fridays, we have Casual Fridays. =) Always something neat to learn.

Now, remember that postage stamp contest I mentioned earlier this month? Well, you have 5 opportunities to win this one. I am working on creating a special postcard that you can only get if you are the first to send me a piece of mail with the new 2012 postage stamps affixed. Hopefully I will get that done and sent to the printers soon. =) Oh and of course you get to be "famous" (grins) because I will post your winning entry on the blog. (Silly I know, but hey exposure is exposure right?)


  1. Those stamps are really cool! Too bad I can't join.

    1. I would be happy to send you a strip of 5

  2. I love these stamps so much that I am literally going to buy a bunch and stash half! They just make me smile.

  3. Derrick, you are the sweetest, kindest, generous, thoughtful, helpful, goodest, best, most accommodating, fine, special, kindhearted, lovely, beneficent, magnanimous, munificent, unselfish, openhanded, compassionate . . . What a nice offer. And you're funny!

  4. Bree- Looks like Derrick would be happy to send you some. Count me in for that as well. And that goes for any of the stamps. =)

    Derrick- You are too cool! I completely agree with Limner.

    Snailmailer- Arent these the coolest? I am totally jazzed about them.

    Limner- I completely agree with you...I suppose I could have just said *read my response to Derrick*. Haha