Monday, January 9, 2012

National Letter Writing Week 2012

January 9-16th

Hey everyone! Today kicks off National Letter Writing week. You know what that means. We all need to write some more letters this week! And maybe try to get our coworkers..or friends...or family to write more letters.

I have decided to mention it to my new coworkers. Hopefully just one will write a letter this week! =)

Who will you write a letter to this week??


  1. well, I sent one to you this morning before I saw this, So I'm ahead of the curve for once.

  2. I write letters every week, in fact, nearly every day so I'm on the job.

  3. I have a pile that need responses so I'm doing a couple each day this week.

  4. Yay!! I am glad to hear everyone is sending letters this week! I sent out a batch yesterday and hope to get another one ready to go out tonight!