Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flea Market Find (Detail)

I found this lovely group of items are the Flea Market yesterday. I get the itch to go every once in a while..and even though this indoor one isn't as nice as the outdoor ones we visit, it still holds some wonderful things.

The picture is of striking Air Mail pilots in July of 1919. They were striking because of the poor work conditions and the fact that their planes were recycled from WWI. The worst part was they were forced to fly in horrible conditions and the engines would give out due to the poor weather. This of course caused crashes and thus the strike. The pilots wanted the right to say whether they were comfortable flying in the conditions present. And after the strike they had some say as to whether they would go up.

The caption is:
(If you click on the will get larger for you =)

And of course the picture of the Special Cancellation:
It is the 50th anniversary of the Airmail Service. Neat huh?

Well I haven't much more information yet. I was going to research this before I wrote up the post..but I got sidetracked and start my new job tomorrow. So I will end this here. Anyone have a good place for me to start my research? I already tried to google search by the images..but no luck so far. I will keep you posted.


  1. Cool find! Good luck on the new job!

  2. 1] Best of luck tomorrow! You'll have a great day, I know it!

    2] I don't know how we forgot to discuss this but when you come up to do Miscellaneous Barn, plan for a whole day because the Lake County Fair grounds are right across from us (1/4 mile if that) and they have a great flea market year round.

    So many fun things coming up! Have a great day tomorrow, can't wait to hear how it goes! I'm gonna send you something soon and see if it takes another 3 weeks to go 30 miles. :p

  3. That is really cool that you found those pictures from that strike.

  4. You always find the best stuff... you must be a postal memorabilia magnet!! I am leaving Costa Rica today so soon I will be seeing you in the mail! Pura Vida!

  5. Thanks everyone!!! My first day is going great. Can I just say...chocolate in the break room...AND a computer to use??? This means I won't (or shouldn't) have to miss out on reading everyones comments and blogs when I am tired. Cause I can do it on lunch. =)

    Ashley- We had talked about it but thank you for reminding me! Looks like my tentative day off during the week (when I work Saturdays) will be Wednesday. But at any rate, at least I have a schedule now and can try to plot out time to come up.

    Elle- I know. It is crazy how many nice and interesting things I can find while I am out. =) I should really consider selling some of the stuff on Etsy. Pretty soon I will have no more room for it. My mail archive is taking up quite a bit of room as it is!