Thursday, January 12, 2012

First New Mexico Stamp

I got my first piece of mail with a New Mexico Statehood Stamp on it. Marguerite from the Piccadilly Post sent me a New Mexico postcard with both the 50th anniversary New Mexico stamp released in 1962 AND the 2012 new issue.

Neat huh? I will be sending something neat your way soon!


  1. Can't believe mine arrived first! I do get a little hyper when new stamps are released. I'm still jealous of your brilliant idea.

  2. Ah, New Mexico. Was there over the summer. If you have never been, get there soon! lovely place.

  3. That is really neat.

  4. Daisy- It did! I was so excited and then to see all the effort you put into making everything match up. New Mexico postcard with both stamps! Too perfect!!

    Jill- I have never been but I have been told multiple times that it is a nice place to see.

    Montigneyrules- I thought so too!