Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glacier National Park Stamp

Today is the release date for the Glacier National Park stamp. The stamp is an international rate, to be used to mail letters to Canada and Mexico. The park was established in 1910 and lies in Montana.

Ready for an interesting fact? There were once 150 glaciers in the park in the 19th century. As of 2010 there are only an estimated 25 active glaciers left. And what is really sad is that scientists estimate that by 2020 there will be no more glaciers left in Glacier National Park. How sad! It makes me want to pack my bags and see the glaciers now before they are all gone.

Have you ever been to GNP? If so, what was your favorite thing there?


  1. Nope, need to go though. I just picked up my birds of prey stamps today (85c) for my canadian/mexico friends. tried to get the new lancaster stamps but they are already gone/backordered :(

    Ohhh and some aloha stamps.

  2. Ack! Derrick, I spent over an hour online looking for images of hawks. Remember . . . Sorry. I will write to you about it, but I was looking for a particular raptor, and now you mention birds of prey. You're close to becoming a member of my ESP club. :)

    Misty, stop tempting me! I haven't used up my old Canada/Mexico stamps yet. Speaking of Mexico, I'd love a letter from someone in Spain or Mexico. I guess I could drive to Laredo, walk across the border, write myself a letter, mail it, come back and wait for the mail.

  3. I wish we could all meet here and see this together. :)

  4. Derrick- I would love to go as well. The Lancaster stamps are backordered here too. I think I may place my order online.

    Limner- New stamps are always fun! If only I had known you sooner I would have happily posted a letter to you from Mexico. Though it would have taken forever to arrive!