Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Entry for the Mail Call

Hey everyone! I hope that all of you are working hard on your entries for the Milk Art Gallery's Mail Art Show. I have completed one piece and I am in the process of working on a second. I know that Derrick will be taking pics at the show and I will be posting some pics to the blog, but I wanted to give you all a peek at my first submission:

Two envelopes...but when you put them the right way....
You get a zebra! This was so much harder than it actually looks! Getting all the lines to match up was CRAZY! I literally was covering the completed design with painters tape as I went so I didn't smudge the design. And if you can read the pencil, that was me planning out where the address and stamp will go so that I have little interference with the design itself. =)

Please tell me you are sending in submissions? If you remember, your piece could be featured on the blog when they are all displayed at the Milk Gallery!


  1. That's great! What a clever idea!
    I have a post card in the works, the actual piece is done, I just have to affix it to some cardboard and do a little extra securing of bits, in hopes that it survives the journey across the country! going from coast to coast could be the death of it...i'm hoping not!
    again, so glad you shared Derrick's post!

  2. Wow! StoneZebra will love that, Misty. Very nice!

  3. Oh Misty - he's gorgeous!!!!!! How very clever you are to think of that!! Limner is so right!!! What's going to happen to him? Will he stay at the art show or come home to you eventually? I find myself strangely attached to him...! I'm sure you'll both be a big hit :)

  4. Jen- I am glad to hear that you are sending something! I expect the post with pictures will be very photo heavy. =) Make sure you secure it extra tight, that way it doesn't come loose.

    Limner- I guess you were right!!

    StoneZebra- The Zebra will be put up in their gallery and then sold off to someone I suspect. If you would like, I could make you your own (free of charge, of course). =)

  5. Misty,

    I'm so sorry I didn't respond in a timely fashion, I forget to recheck the comments. I would love a Misty-made zebra! But only when you have the time, I know you're settling into your new job. Thank you for the offer.