Wednesday, January 18, 2012

United States Smallest Post Office

That is the Ochopee Post Office located in Ochopee, Florida. It is the smallest post office in the United States at a tiny 7ft by 8ft. "The person who delivers mail from this post office has a daily route that stretches across three counties, 132 miles long." said one article I found on this post office. The most interesting thing about that is that the post office sits in an area that boasts only 11 in the population (as of about 2005). So my question is: do they deliver outside the area? Or are the residences extremely spaced out? Either way it is kinda neat huh?

Would you ever consider making a special trip to Ochopee to visit this post office?

Oh and this Post Office is not to be confused with the worlds smallest...

Blog reader Derrick sent me this lovely, yet tiny package a few weeks ago. I was so excited as it was the first piece of mail I had gotten from the Worlds Smallest Post Service. You can purchase the Post Office for yourself, OR you can order special things from the site here.

Have you ever gotten something from the Worlds Smallest Post Service?


  1. My grandma sent me mail from this post office once. It was fun to receive!

  2. Dang. I thought the one in Cut 'n Shoot was the smallest. I think it's larger by 2 feet. :) Now I want to drive by just to get a photo.

  3. JoAnna- I am jealous!

    Limner- If you go, please send me a picture. =)