Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sojourner Truth

Did you know that today marks the anniversary (1851) of the day that Sojourner Truth spoke to at the first Black Women's Rights Convention (why isnt there a wiki page for the convention?)? Well, now you know. =)

You might ask I knew that. Well, my answer is actually quite simple. I am a genius! (queue evil laugh) we know that isn't true. The real reason I knew that is because I will occasionally check the National Postal Museum's website. They do a little widget thingy called This Day in Postal History. You can find it in the bottom left of the screen once you click the link above. Everyday they update it with another tidbit. Sometimes they are interesting and sometimes..they are a bit..well...boring. But I almost always learn something new.

(I am slowly letting you in on my secrets.)


  1. That's cool that they have that! And they even have about 3 today when I reload the page!!

  2. Random fact, the library at my college was the Sojourner Truth library. I'm sure thats the case for a million others as well. :)

  3. Olivia- I didn't notice that! How cool!!

    Ashley- That is an awesome random fact. =)