Friday, January 13, 2012

Lancaster County Stamp - No First Day of Issue Ceremony!

I was reading through my RSS and read a post from the Piccadilly Post blog that was very interesting. It deals with the fact that there was no ceremony to commemorate the release of the Lancaster County $1.05 stamp. How crazy! Why wouldn't you want to promote something like this? Even if for nothing more than just us letter writers or stamp collectors.

If you haven't stopped over to read her article I highly recommend clicking the link above and visiting.


  1. Well, it's a lovely stamp...even with no ceremony.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement!

  3. This might sound really stupid and I'm sure they have plenty of reasons for not holding a ceremony but maybe they didn't have one out of respect. Obviously the Amish community isn't the only defining thing about Lancaster County but I think it's the most well known and certainly a large part of it. The Amish don't really approve of having their pictures taken as its considered an act of pride for them which they frown upon. I'm no Amish expert but when I find something I don't know much about I like to research it as not to pass judgment without fully understanding. For example, the Amish dress the way they do as not to draw attention to themselves. They are big on community (we should all take a lesson from them!) and focus on that rather than individuality. Perhaps a ceremony to celebrate the release of the stamp would draw a lot of unwanted attention.

    Again, this probably has nothing to do with their actual reasoning but if it was out of respect, I'd say thats pretty commendable.

  4. Ashley- That is actually a really great reason not to have one! I didn't think about that to be honest. Which is funny because when Brad and I did our Bridges Tour there were so many Amish folks that we passed. And we always put our cameras down until they were well out of our shots. We were so worried that they would think we had taken their picture.

    Another interesting thing I learned about the Amish is that they will not let you take a picture of a structure they are building until they are completely finished. A friend of mine had them build her house and they refused to let her take pictures until they were all done constructing. They were sort of superstitious I guess. Granted she took pictures of the house after they left for the night, but still. I found in quite interesting.