Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Has anyone else heard of these cute things?

They are called Animails and you can find them not only online, but in select toy stores across the country. I am not sure how big of a hit they are (because they seem relatively new) but the concept totally makes me smile.

Here I am sending rubber ducks and other strange shaped things..when I could have been sending these all along! Ugh. Oh well..there is always time for an Animail. I actually took a look at them in a local toy shop but didn't buy one. (I know...I know...I should have picked one up). I think I may do that as I have a really neat idea of what to do with it once I have it. =)

Have you ever seen these? Would you buy and send them if they were sold near you?


  1. probably, just cause I like weird stuff. Always a nice surprise to the person receiving.

    Well, off to Cirque De Sole for Immortal tonight.

  2. OMG. I'm going to send this link to everyone! My birthday is in a month, could you imagine a whole damn barnyard in the mailbox?! AHHHHHHHHHH. Do they have cows? Besides owls and giraffes, cows and piggies are my favorite animals. Farm animals are just too dang cute!

  3. Is there an opening so that you can insert a letter?

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  5. Derrick- the moose was the only one they didn't have in stock when I looked at the store.

    Ashley- the pig is a cutie isn't he?

    Patty- there was no opening that I could see. But perhaps you could cut one?

  6. We have some new characters coming out for Christmas! :)

    Marky Sparky