Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Milk Gallery Mail Art Show

I have some updated information thanks to blog reader Derrick. The gallery has pushed the dates of the show back due to another art show in the same area. They wanted to make sure the Mail Art show has its own days and times. (Awesome right?)

The new deadline to get your art to them is March 1. The show will actually be scheduled for March 8-10. So now you have no excuse as to why you cannot create a piece for the show. I hope to see a lot of you participating. Remember Derrick will be there taking some pictures for me to post to the blog. What more reason for submitting a piece could you need?

Remember the pieces need to be sent through the mail and cannot be enclosed in anything. The envelope or object needs to be the artwork. Send your completed pieces to:

212 13th street
Sacramento, CA 95814

(On a side note..problem solved with my piece. The gallery said that Derrick could deliver mine personally because it had been cancelled by the USPS. Thank goodness! Now I am off to write some letters.)


  1. Thats good news for you!

  2. I'd like to drive down from San Francisco to see the show.....

  3. PaddyAnne- I was very happy with this news!

    Pamela- Do let me know if you go wont you? I would love to hear all about your views on the exhibit.