Sunday, January 22, 2012

Postage Rate Increase

New postage rates take affect today:

  • Domestic First Class- 45 cents
  • Domestic Postcard - 32 cents
  • International Letter to within North America- 85 cents
  • International Letter elsewhere- $1.05
Be sure to affix the correct amount of postage to all your letters today and be mindful of the fact that other shipping and service prices may have changed as well. For more information be sure to check out .


  1. Oh crap now I have to make a trip to the post office tommorow . Great just great . Thank you Misty and I appreciate you posting this .

  2. Wow, even with the increase it's still cheaper than England. feel lucky :P!

  3. We ship small packages all over the world. The USPS is still a great value and we have not had anything ever get lost.

  4. How about those "forever" stamps we all bought. Will they work?

  5. Yup. The forever stamps including the ones they released next year automatically became worth 45 cents today.