Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Mexico Statehood Stamp

Yesterday the USPS released the New Mexico Statehood Stamp featured above. It is in commemoration of 100 years as a state. Now, while this stamp has gotten a lot of hype, how many of you have seen this stamp?

It was released in 1962 to commemorate 50 years. I think it is just as neat as the new one. And I will be picking up some of these on my next trip to the Post Office.

Now remember I told you there was going to be an ongoing contest this year on the blog? Well, I still haven't worked out the prizes. BUT the concept is easy. The first person to send a piece of mail to me with each new stamp released will get a prize. I will do my best to remind you every time there is a new stamp out, but I may forget.

Now the question becomes...what should the prize be? I will have to continue thinking on it. But at any rate..I thought it might be a neat idea. So how about we try it for the New Mexico stamp and see how it goes?

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