Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I did set up a Tumblr blog for the pics of incoming and outgoing mail. I find that this will be easier than making multiple posts in the same day (like I did yesterday). Also, it means that people who care to look, can. And those who like the other posts can read them here.

You can find a link to the tumblr page by clicking the mailbag underneath the Google+ button in Social Media, OR you can just click here.

Just a quick side note. I will never post your address without your consent. I will also not post pictures of anything I deem to be non-family friendly (I don't really get anything like this..). If you have any questions or concerns PLEASE email me. I promise I really am a nice person. =)


  1. Oh Misty please tell me how are those little hamsters are in your brain ? You know the ones that are creating all that energy . LOL !!! You are certainly a busy beaver..I will leave it at that .

  2. Haha. The little hamsters in my brain seem to never rest. Now if only my body didn't require sleep I would be set. SO many little time in the day. =)