Monday, February 20, 2012

Antique Stores

Many of you know that my new job leaves me with an hour lunch break. Not only that but the library is within quick walking distance to an antique shop and the post office. Well, I decided to take a trip to the antique store to look and see what I could find.

I really thought I took more photos, but apparently I didn't. But regardless, here are a few of my favorite things:
This is essentially the basement of the place. I am not sure why I took this photo as there aren't many things I really wanted down here. Sure there are neat chairs and dressers, but overall...everything is WAY out of my price range. 

This typewriter is downstairs, underneath a desk down in the basement. I am not sure if I would consider buying it. The keys stick pretty badly and honestly it is really hard to see how much work it would need. I haven't even asked the price on it yet.

Now..this is almost exactly like my mailbox growing up! So I am pretty sure when I remember to take cash with me (they only accept cash) I will need to purchase this mailbox, and one day use it as my own. It is cast iron and very heavy. But would totally be worth the $37 price tag.

If you want to see one that looks exactly like my childhood can visit the etsy listing here.

Do you visit Antique stores? If so, what draws your eye? This one that I visit has lots of old pens too...Something tells me I will certainly be adding to their business. 


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  2. I had a mailbox like that growing up too!

  3. Cool, but very small! Our mailman was forever telling us he couldn't fit all the mail in it! Me, my sister and my mother are all letter writers. I bet the mail sack got much lighter after a stop at our house.