Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Remailing Valentines

It's that time of year again. Cupid is slowly getting ready to make his visit to lovers around the world on February 14. And as such, I know that some of you will be mailing out Valentines to your lovers, friends and perhaps a secret crush or two. Well, what better way to be a secret admirer than sending your greetings to be "remailed" from a love themed city?

Remailing is rather simple. What you do is address your letters or cards and stamp them. Then you place those items in a larger envelope and address it to the postmaster at one of those "love" cities. Making sure to write "Valentine Remailing" somewhere on it. Then you stamp that envelope and mail it off. When it arrives at the new place, they will remove all your cards from the envelope or box you sent them in. And then they will postmark them and send them to your recipients. Neat, huh?

So now you need a list of cities:

Loveland, OH 45111
Loveland, CO 80537
Valentine, AZ 86437
Valentine, NE 69201
Valentine, TX 79854
Valentines, VA 23887

Or if you want a more adult option you could send it from this place.

You have a few days to get your letters in the mail before the deadline date. For more specific dates you can contact the post offices offering special cancellations.


  1. I've sent cards to Valentine, Nebraska, in the past for the special postmark. Very fun!

  2. Misty, I hope you aren't seriously sick and not able to let us know. :( Hope it's not flu. Librarians ae exposed to a lot of bugs.

    Wish Carter could spell and write big words, 'cause if he could, he'd give up and update.

    Be well.

  3. Maria- That is awesome! I don't think I will be remailing any for Valentines Day (I am SWAMPED) but I am hoping to send out some for St. Patricks Day. I will post the addresses on the blog later this month.

    Limner- I am doing much better. Apparently a stomach bug is going around. And now they are saying Strep Throat is going around Carter's school. I should teach him how to write blog posts. Just imagine the fun that would cause! I have a story to post about Carter. Perhaps I will write that up now. =)