Monday, February 27, 2012

Late Valentine's Day Recap

I have been in such a rut I never posted anything about Valentines Day. As many of you know, it was Brad's birthday. But he is totally awesome and therefore still got me stuff. =)

But first..take a look at our dinner to celebrate his birthday!

Mmmm sushi. Not pictured is the Seaweed Salad that we split. And by we split it..I mean he ate most of it cause well..the texture was just too much for me.

Anyway, on to the presents. I am the first to admit I failed at this birthday. Brad always knows what to get me and I am always in the dark. Well, I bought an alarm clock with blue numbers (something he wanted..) but the one I got is obnoxiously bright. So that needed to be returned. I got him a set of comic postcards..which he liked and a video game that (at the time of ordering) was on his Amazon wishlist. After I ordered it..he reworked the wishlist and deleted that game. /fail. I still gave him the game and he kept that is something right?

He bought me a this:
Excuse the overly dark photo...but he got me a Keurig. Many of you know I love tea. And this was something I swear I had told Brad 100 times I should get, but I never could make that leap into buying one. So he did it for me. I have used it almost everyday since. Talk about being happy..I can have a nice cup of tea in no time! ridiculous is that? It is a USPS truck..and if the picture were better you can see that it has chromed out hub caps. Does he know me...or does he know me?  Haha.

Anyway..I hope each one of you enjoyed your V-day. And that you are all enjoying yourselves now. =)


  1. Sushi!! My favourites! Hmm...tea brewer from Keurig. Gotta get myself one if I have the money. :)

  2. The sushi looks yummy! I'm getting hungry now...

  3. The sushi was very good! I can only eat a little bit of it before the texture really gets to me..but the taste is amazing!