Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Facts (in the US)

  • 62% of adults say they celebrate the holiday.
  • 448 billion dollars are spent on candy the week prior to February 14
  • 58 million pounds of chocolate is a percentage of that 448 Billion dollars worth of candy.
  • 36 million heart shaped chocolate boxes are sold in that week as well.
  • 150 million cards and gifts are sent for Valentines Day.
  • On average men spend $150 and women spend $74 on their "Sweetheart".
  • Speaking of Sweethearts...8 Billion Sweethearts candy cards are produced each year. Which the history channel tells me is enough to stretch from Rome to Valentine, Arizona and back more than 20 times!
  • 23% of adults say they will buy flowers or a plant on February 14. 61% of that 23% will be men, 39% will be women.
  • Of those most people will purchase the flowers in this order of popularity: Mixed flowers,  red roses, other roses, other flowers, plants.
  • American's spend 8.6 million dollars on sparkling wines for Valentine's Day.
  • 174,000 gallons of wine are sold during the week of Valentine's Day.
All of these facts are courtesy of the History Channel. They made their facts much more interesting by adding graphics, so I highly suggest taking a look at them. =)

One last fact: 
Sweethearts are a Pen-Thief's favorite V-day candy. She will consume at least one bag during the month of February. =)


  1. I'm sorry, I had trouble reading the rest of your post after the words "448 Billion Dollars", and "58 Million Pounds of Chocolate"! Both of those things sound like my entire life's happy dreams come true! LOL

  2. I love sweethearts too! I was eating a box the other day and now they say funny things like "text me" and "holla".

  3. Jenny- I know!! Isn't that figure staggering??

    Marian- I am glad I am not alone in liking them! Haha. Most people think they taste like chalk. Haha