Monday, February 13, 2012

Zebra Makes a Fountain Pen

The Zebra pen company offers fountain pens! How neat is that? They have been around for almost six months now, but apparently have finally reached the stores here in Ohio. Granted I found it at a pharmacy.
The pens body is stainless steel much like other pens in their line (like my favorites). Why do I think the stainless steel body is so important? Well, I like to carry a pen everywhere I go..which means sometimes it is in my pocket and sometimes in my purse. Knowing that it is stainless steel means I never have to worry about it randomly breaking and causing a mess like with other plastic pens.
The pen also has a fitted steel nib which allows for smooth writing, much like you would expect with other fountain pens. There is very little (at least in my tests) drag on the paper. There seems to be some resistance but not enough to make me upset. For those who do not enjoy that slight scratching noise..this pen probably isn't for you. As it can be slightly noisy.
My only issue with this pen is this. First off, there is no converter to use other cartridges. You must use the ones supplied by Zebra, which means only blue or black ink at this time. Next, I bought two of these pens, both from the same store with about a week in between. One of them works like a charm, you can set it down for a week and it will pick right back up and write beautifully. The other however, seems to have an issue writing at all. The only way I can get it to write is to fiddle with it for an overly long period of time. And even then it skips a lot. Do I consider this a HUGE issue? Nope. In all reality you get when you pay for, and being that it retails for around $3 I can't be too upset with the quality.

Have you tried this pen? If so, I would love to know what you think. =)


  1. I should look at my local Wal-green's for this.

  2. If they don't have any let me know. I will snag one from mine and send it to you. =)

  3. Be on the lookout for a fountain pen care package.
    --john freeman

  4. Since I can only grip it above the serrated section comfortably ,I wrapped the upper metal body in black electrical tape because it was slipping around under my fingers. I then bought a syringe and use it to fill up the cartridge. If I pause when writing or reading something for some time I immediately cap the pen to prevent drying out of the tip. No complaints from me. Great pen.