Saturday, February 4, 2012


I have been doing a little light research on the history of Valentines Day for a future post. But I figured being that I didn't post anything for today I would share this verse with you.

The book I got it from did not list an origin, other than an old Valentine. (Edit..I found a picture of it!!)

Haste thee with this Valentine,
Thou silly man of letters,
And try to do the best you can
To serve,and please your betters,
For I'd sooner live an old maid
Or else give up the ghost,
Than wed a grinning postman
as stupid as a post.

Interesting huh? It was meant for the postman to read. What do you think he thought when he saw it?


  1. LOL! Funny.

    I think her temper is misdirected. She could be a spinster who's been rejected and overlooked by favorable beaus. From the look on the postman's face, I'd say he might have a thing for her and has hit on her one or three times. LOL. See? See that coy smile on her face? And he's ogling her for sure. :) Body language, body language. It speaks the language of Love when words speak otherwise. ;) Sister is a little upset, too 'cause postman might be holding her last chance with someone who doesn't know she exists. LOL.

    Oh, dang! I got it wrong? But the envelope is sealed. Thought she was saying those things to the post man. Hmm.

  2. I think he would drop the card in the nearest hedge ^_~

  3. I am glad everyone else thought this was interesting too! And even more glad that I stumbled upon it in a book at the library. =)