Friday, February 24, 2012

Letter Writer Questionnaire

Ok. Everyone seemed to agree that a questionnaire would be fun. So I am working on the questions and I will be offering it multiple formats. For those who want it by post: I will mail you a list of questions. For those who prefer to email their answers: I will offer to email the questions. And I am also going to look into making a google doc form for you to answer them that way as well.

Now for a favor. Did you have any questions you wanted to ask? If so, here is what I am asking that you do. If you would like your question to be placed on the questionnaire, email the question to me. The reason I ask for email is because I want to keep all the questions secret from everyone until they get it. That way you cannot over-think the question. Sometimes people have a tendency to try and come up with an answer that others will think is good..rather than what they actually would have said in the beginning. Also, email would allow me to write up the questionnaire sooner. Simple right?

I will try to include every question assuming it is appropriate. My goal is to have this written and ready by Monday, or early next week at the latest.

Once I get all the questionnaires back I will write up a whole post about it..and of course share my answers with you as well. =) Sounds good right?

Email me at


  1. letter please.. I get enough email during the day :)

  2. email is faster. What sorts of questions are you looking for? specifics about people's lives or mailing habits, philosophical questions, etc?

  3. I just sent you an email with my email address. Sounds like fun!

  4. I don't mind answering your questions (letter form please) and you already know who I am, so my questions are, 1) what are they for and 2) who else gets to see the answers I give? Just curious... Oh, and the Forever stamps - if you say they're forever they better darn well be forever... at least until the PO goes under.

  5. Derrick- Noted! =)

    Bev- I am thinking all questions that are related to letter writing. Like where is your favorite place to write. Or what letter resources (websites, etc.) do you enjoy most? Things like that.

    Susan- I got the email. =)

    Stuff- Noted!

    StoneZebra- To answer you the questions are mainly cause I am curious. I want to know more about the letter writing habits of people who read this blog. Sort of my way to figure out how best to continue writing. As for your second question, the answers will be shared with myself. I may comment (in a post) on how many people said they write in a specific place, but I will not share names of people in the post. I don't think that will be necessary. Things like favorite pen..well that will probably just be something I will look at and think.."I should try that". =) Did that answer your questions sufficiently? If not, please let me know and I will try to be better.

    LR- Noted.

  6. Maybe people can opt in or out of you making their answers public. Or if something seemed worthy of sharing with everyone you could ask them if you could share. I personally don't mind if you share anything I add, and I think most people wouldn't mind either. I think that people are curious as to how the answers will be used in the event that there is that one instance they didn't think of where maybe they wouldn't want their answers shared. I hope that makes sense. Probably not, I'm rambling.

    I'm gonna get you back for all the spoiling you've been sending my way. Just watch it!

  7. Ashley- That makes perfect sense! I will allow for people to opt in or out directly on the question sheet/email/etc. for each question. That way there will be no confusion. I don't anticipate mentioning anyone directly by name, but if I do..then I will make sure I have consent first. I want everyone to feel comfortable in answering these questions.