Sunday, February 12, 2012

In the Mailbox Bear

Have you seen this little guy?
What about this bag? (Which you cannot buy online anymore..apparently)

So my question for you is: What do you think of the USPS selling things like this to earn money. Would you buy any of these types of products? If so why, and if not..why not?

**I actually own the tote bag (Obviously) and I plan on buying all the new ones that come out. I have from Go Green on. =) **


  1. I haven't seen these yet. The tote bag seems pretty useful! One time I was at the post office and I saw this little mailbox stamp holder that I was tempted to buy. I think it's cool that they sell mail type items.

    1. I saw that mailbox stamp holder/dispenser! I really liked it, I just don't buy 100 stamps at a time...too expensive all at once!

  2. I think it is an awesome idea - if you like flooding your life with all sorts of junk (and I must admit I seem to enjoy filling all my free space with stuff ^_~)

  3. I haven't bought any of the things our post offices offer on their store walls. Not many people do, so they've taken down just about everything. Some of it hangs until it fades. I like the stamp dispenser too, but I don't buy rolls of 100 stamps. The "make your own stamps kit" is interesting, but I bought a great postage meter elsewhere.

    I ask myself what will I do with more stuff? Packing it away after the newness has worn off is pointless. I don't need more "things" to dust, and storage becomes a problem, so I'd pass. Is the bear cute? Does a bear pee in the woods? :)

  4. I didn't know they made tote bags! I'm not one for collecting things but tote bags are always useful.

  5. I see that bear every time I go in the post office. He's so cute. I'm game for supporting the USPS :)

  6. I probably wouldn't purchase a tote bag like this myself but I'm completely in support of the post office using it's resources to promote themselves among a wider audience. :)

  7. I have no objection to the PO selling postal related gifts and such but most POs don't display things very well and their choice of things isn't very inspired. Plus, a lot of PO workers get annoyed if you ask to see what commemorative stamps they have in stock although their attitude has been changing for the better now that a lot of them may be out of work.
    On the other hand, I now wait to see a special worker who loves to see my latest envelopes and is sweetly patient when I pick out stamps I want to buy and understands what I'm up to. I'm always trying to cultivate the PO workers and try not to dither on decisions and try their patience especially when it's very busy.

  8. Marian- Like Limner, I don't purchase the stamps in 100 stamp rolls. Though I have been debating on buying 100 postcard stamps because I can never seem to keep them in stock. If I do, I am totally buying that mailbox stamp holder!

    Jocelyn- Don't we all like collecting...stuff?? =)

    Limner- My post office doesn't carry very much. I think they had perhaps 4 bags and 4 bears. They try to keep things stocked, but I doubt anyone really buys them. I only noticed the bags because the postal clerk pointed them out to me. I wish they would make the lapel pins again. I would collect those in a heart beat!

    TMC- They are very useful and hold TONS of stuff! The straps are good too which makes them nice for carrying library books. =)

    Shannah- Me too!!

    Mary- I know exactly what you mean. If I didn't use so many bags ( I am a total bag lady) I probably would stick with stamps! haha

    PaintBrush- The post office near my work gets upset when I ask if the newer stamps are in stock. And every time all I can think is...I am helping you keep your job. Which is an awful thing to think, but it is true.

  9. seriously? if i could send a bear in a box in the mail just like that? YES i would buy it!

    because if there's something better than getting a box in the mail with a surprise hidden inside - the only thing better would be getting a box in the mail with the surprise not hidden! how delightful.

    of course i would worry about theft...

  10. Oh, I love the bear. I may have to get him, since I collect bears :)

  11. I checked it out at the po the other day. It's an ideal size, but do you ever get packages and envelopes that are all dirty and stained? Some of mine looked like a herd of ibex ran over them. I hope they take care with the little guys. The mail clerk said they've been great sellers. Now I wonder why? :)

  12. Vagirl- Well, if you collect bears you definitely need this guy! He is too cute for words.

    Limner- They are a good size, but I can see your point about getting dirty packages. I wonder if the packaging is treated with something to make sure it doesn't get wet...