Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Won a Giveaway!

Do you ever read Your Postal Blog? Well, if that link and check it out! A while back they hosted a giveaway asking people to email in and tell them why you felt mail was important. Or what you liked about mail. Of course I entered cause..well...why not? I was surprised on Saturday when I got a box in the mail and wasn't sure who it was from. Well..upon looking at the return address on the package it was sent from a Postmaster. Guess what I got!

I got an officially licensed postman bobble head! With a nice note as well.
" Thank you for entering the bobble head giveaway! We received more than 150 entries telling us about the importance of mail. So many entries were heartfelt reasons why people love the mail. We hope you enjoy your bobble head, and please keep reading Your Postal Blog at for possible future giveaways. Sincerely, Judy Reeve Editor Corporate Communications USPS Western Area."

Not only should you all start taking a look at the blog because they might have other sweet giveaways, but you should do it because the information they share is truly interesting. =)


  1. Woo well done - I am having a giveaway too if you are interested x

  2. Congrats! The bobble head looks pretty cool!