Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Birthday: Carmen Miranda

Today would have been Carmen Miranda's 103rd birthday if she were still alive. For those who do not know she was a samba singer, broadway actress and even a movie star in the 40's and 50's. You know that fruit hat that you see when people think tropical? She is probably the one who started that trend.

Wasn't she beautiful? Sometimes I think people look more attractive because of the black and white, but honestly I think she really was a beauty. And of course you all know that the USPS released a stamp featuring her last year..right?

Celebrate her birthday by sending some mail, wont you?

**For the record..I am aware I missed Charles Dicken's birthday. He would have been 200 years old on the 7th.**


  1. I like the Hispanic Heritage Stamps, and Carmen is my favorite. I buy Carmen postcards, too. Thanks for reminding us. Happy B'day to Carmen. I remember Willard Scott and his CM costume. LOL.

  2. LOVE her. One of my favorite stamps too. back in the early 90's, I dressed up as Carmen for Halloween. Happy Birthday.

  3. LOL Millicent. Did you eat the head gear after?