Friday, February 10, 2012

Heart Health

Yesterday the USPS released a new stamp promoting heart health.

You know what this means? It means this Pen-thief will be eating healthier..and trying to change some snacking habits. I have already changed my lunches. What can I say, sometimes the taco bell across the street calls my name. So I have started packing a healthy sandwich and carrots. In the morning before work I have been slicing an apple and eating it. (I am not much of a breakfast person).

What sort of healthy moves will you make this month?


  1. I hate the changes in the USPS web site. Choices of stamps are very limited and new stamps don't seem to be options. I wanted to order the Danny Thomas stamp and it has disappeared. Like wise, this stamp does not show up either and you can't really buy odd denominations of stamps. Grrr....I used to buy all my stamps on line.

  2. I've been making my lunch salads on Sunday nights. I packed them into 4 small containers and leave my lite salad dressing at work. I also have been preparing fruit the same way, like pulling grapes off their stems and packing them in individual containers so all I have to do s load up my lunch bag with a quick, healthy lunch. The salads stay very fresh and I figure have shaved off a total of an extra hour to do something else. When I plan well, I eat well.

    Thanks for the heads up on the new stamp. I LOVE hearts ... I simply must have some of these new stamps.

  3. there is a healthy living banner on the stamps page

  4. Bev- I completely agree. I really dislike the new site. It takes me a lot longer to find the ones I am looking for, but honestly it is easier than crossing my fingers waiting for my post office to carry them.

    Susan- You are very welcome for the heads up. =) I think this stamp will be quite pretty on some mail art.

    Derrick- Thanks for the info! Carter mailed a letter out to you. He loved the postcard. =)