Friday, February 3, 2012

Mr. Carter

My nephew is in love with mail. It is kinda funny watching him check the mailbox, even though sometimes (a lot of the time) he doesn't get any mail. Now that I am working full time it is harder for me to catch him when he gets out of school to have him sit down and write.

Last night he asked me if he got any mail. I told him no, and that you have to send mail to get mail. So he decided I need to give him some postcards to send. So in the future..if you get a scribbled on postcard with a picture...its from him. =)

Just had to share that with you. I wish I had a picture to go with this post, but I am on the work computer and all my photos are at home.

**To anyone expecting mail from me, it is coming I promise. It's just taking a while. Remember it is called "snail mail". =) That's a little Pen-thief humor for you!**


  1. Please tell Carter mail is on the way. He should be constant and true to his belief that someone, somewhere, sometimes sends mail addressed to Carter the Great. Or simply Carter. :)

    He will get a letter a week from me, since I have chosen him to be the recipient in my Letter a Week challenge. Letter #2 goes out tomorrow.

    Good mail penners get good mail penned in return. :)

    Glad you're well.

  2. So "that" is the carter.. "IF" I were going to send something "Where" might I be sending it?? and how old is Mr Carter?

  3. Limner- I opened the Pencil flash card last night. I will be leaving paper for him to write his response (with help of course). I think your idea is too cute! Expect a response soon.

    Derrick- Mhmm..Carter is my 5 year old nephew. All his mail comes to my house and can either be addressed to him at my address..or C/O me. Either way I will be sure he gets it. =)

  4. I suppose it will funny to know that "carter" means 'postman' in my native language (Catalan language) :)

    (But you must pronounce it with the stress on the last syllable)

  5. Hawwa- That is awesome!! I didn't know that! =)

  6. I will be sure to have him respond once he gets it! =)