Sunday, March 27, 2011

Did You Send Me This??

I apologize for the crummy (and mirrored) picture of this postcard. In an effort to get more organized I went through my mail that I have received looking for addresses and I came across this postcard that I had stuck a post-it to with a question mark. That is usually what I do when I get something in the mail that I dont know who sent it or why I have gotten it.

The card was signed by a Sarah with a smiley face underneath. And I believe the postmark says...Phoenix. Though I could be wrong..its not a very good postmark. Anyway, I thought I would post a picture here to see if anyone who is reading this sent it. If you did...let me know. I would love to send you a card in return, but you gave me no return address. If you didn't send me the card..well..please disregard this post. =)

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