Friday, March 18, 2011

Mail Call Friday

Unlike last week, I actually remembered which day was Friday!! Woohoo! And with exception to two postcards I just found..all the mail from last week has been answered. Though I am thinking that the mail from this week will take a bit longer. I got almost 11 things the one day and all of it is sooo much fun!!

As you can see from the first picture..there was a lot of stuff to photograph. If I had done each item individually this post would be SUPER long!!

Look at this card that Aubrey sent me! How cute is this?? I showed it to my one friend and she was insanely jealous (she is really into Irish things). You all should definitely take some time to look at Aubrey's blog.

This week came with a nice mix of mail. Postcards, Letters, Cards and even a few small packages. It was wonderful!

I am not sure if you can tell from this picture, but Edward actually sent me this envelope from the United Nations building in NYC. And he was awesome enough to include a few stamps for me to use in my art. I have no clue what I will use them to make, but I am sure they will come in handy. =)

And last but not least, a beautiful fabric covered envelope from Nicole. I was astounded when I pulled this from the mailbox. I mean how beautiful is this?? Reminds me of a peacocks feathers.

So as you can see this week was filled with very good mail days. If you see something you sent, please know I will respond to it shortly. I am hoping to get a bit done tonight and throughout the weekend, though my plans for tomorrow include HIKING!!! So there may be pictures posted from that tomorrow evening.

**On a side note...if you have sent me mail and I haven't responded...if it has been a few weeks...PLEASE let me know. I try my best to stay on top of the incoming and outgoing, but sometimes I get confused and cannot remember. Also, if you happen to get two things from know I messed up and forgot to move things to their proper box.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and as always, thank you for taking the time to read my rambles.


  1. Most certainly a great mail week! I cannot wait to get home tomorrow and check my mailbox :P I have missed it so much ^_^

  2. I hope that you have lots of fun mail waiting!! I am currently working on my small package to you with a letter and the moleskine for you to decorate! So keep your eyes on the mail!

  3. You do get some great stuff! Must be a lot of fun to go to your mailbox!!

  4. Fantastic stash of incoming. Beautiful things fro lots of creative people. Enjoy the hiking. xox Corrine

  5. Im so glad you liked the card i sent to you! thanks for the huge shout out..blush!