Thursday, March 3, 2011

Envelope Book 2

Now for another envelope book. Gather your supplies:
Enough envelopes for however big you want your envelope book.
Gluestick or Bottled Glue or Double Stick Tape
A Bone Folder (helps making the creases neat
A Pen and Pencil

Step One: Gather your envelopes and lay one open side up and the other open side down. Lay their bottom edges together as shown in the picture below.

Step two: Take a piece of tape and tape the seams between the envelopes together. You can use decorative tape if you have it...or even decorate it later with ribbon. The possibilities are really endless.

As you can see (or not really...darn invisible tape!) these envelopes are now linked.

Step Three: Repeat step two until you have as many envelope pages are you wish. For my example I used four. I find four is a good number for this design, but you could easily add more.

Step Four: Once you have completed step three you need to cut a rectangular piece of cardstock (or some other material) to act as the cover for your book.

Step Five: You need to tape or glue the cardstock to your envelope pages. To do this flip your envelopes so that the open side is up. Then put the cardstock over the envelopes, but only far enough that they reach the botton of the envelope opening. You will glue it like the picture below.

Step Six: Fold back the cardstock like the picture below.

Step Seven: Now fold the cardstock over the envelopes and trim it so that it acts as a closure to the book. You should have enough of an overlap that you will be able tape or glue it down before you send it.

Your finished product should look something like the one above..and if it doesn't..well then I did not do a very good job showing you how to make it. Haha.

You can find TONS of tutorials online if you just Google "envelope book". I hope that this helps a little and enables you to be creative. Now I am off to find things to put into my books...and then addressing them. Maybe...sending them

Keep your eyes on the mailbox and may you all have a happy mail day soon!


  1. Sweet tutorials, both of them. Clearing the desk and making things to mail! xox Corrine

  2. oh please send it to me! This is really cool,
    Hope you have a good mail day!

  3. I am glad that the tutorials made sense!! And I have already addressed one to Wanda! =)

  4. Oh, great tutorial, this looks great!

  5. Thanks for posting these directions! I'm a little behind in reading blog posts so I just saw this today!!

  6. Misty you will be pleased to know that I just made a batch of these using your excellent directions and the lovely sample from you sitting on my desk! I am going to send them to my family full of easter fun as opposed to the usual Easter cards. Thanks for the inspiration.