Thursday, March 24, 2011

Interesting Thought on Mail

Thank you to everyone who wished me a better day today! I am happy to report that my day is going quite well (except for my lack of stamps...but I am hoping to fix that tomorrow). Oh and I also found some goodies in my mailbox today!! So yes, today is going well.

So today I did a bit more hiking but this time I took my nephew. We found some really neat animal tracks including deer, raccoon, and I suspect...coyote! We found an owl pellet (which he thought was really neat...he's only 5) but the BIGGEST find was a deer backbone! He was being such a great archaeologist, though he was wrong about what he thought it was. He suspected it was dinosaur..haha.

After the hike I decided to read through my RSS feeds and found an interesting mail themed article. You can find the full text here. It is basically a reprint from Old McFinniganagal's Gazette published in 1849. Its from the opinion section and it is written by someone who wishes people would stop sending him mail.

It is really fun to read because how he feels about "real" mail is sometimes how I feel about tweeting and email! Haha. Its amazing to think that someone wouldnt want to see mail in their box! Anyway, I really enjoyed reading it and I hope you do as well.

I also hope that everyone out there is having a great day! I am off to write some letters and send some mail! =)

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  1. Great finds on your hike, your nephew must have had a ball. I shall check out the article later in the day. Thanks, oh and a little moleskin is on it's way home. xox Corrine