Monday, March 21, 2011

Mail Register?

Ok...I have come to the conclusion that I need some way of keeping track of if and when I have sent things out. My box system works pretty well...but there is no way to tell if I actually sent something.

For instance...I work up some cards..I write out responses. Well...unless I am extremely diligent (which I am not always) about moving the responded pieces into their filing boxes...I have no way of really knowing whether I had sent a response or not. Its like my mail all seems to blend.

So to keep myself from going completely insane...I need a better system. I am reaching out to you lot to see if any of your have a system of keeping track of such information. If you do...I would LOVE to hear about it. Heck, I would love to hear if you think you have an idea that can help!

I promise an artsy post soon. I really need to start making more art. =)

Hope everyone had a great monday!


  1. Hi Misty,

    I started writing a comment here, but it got long-winded. So, I posted it on Just Letter Rip instead. It's how I keep track of my mail. Hope it helps.

  2. Ever tried excel? I keep an excel spreadsheet that has all the important data (date received, from who, type of mail, why they sent it, replied, when I replied, what I sent to them)

    I keep all of my letters in an accordion folder with 3 different slots: Not replied, replied, outgoing--for items I'm still working on :P
    The packages I keep on my desk until I've sent thank yous for them...then I unpack them, recycle the packaging and put the items wherever they belong :P

    Sometimes it's hard to remember to add to the spreadsheet, but I always write the date I received it and when I replied on the envelope. So if I happen to find a random letter behind my desk, I'll check for dates :)

    I wish I had an easier way to organize all of the mail, but I haven't figured that out yet :P

  3. I keep my mail that is awaiting a response in slots on a mail sorter. I read it, and then slot it. When I respond, that piece of mail goes into a box. That way there's never confusion about what needs a response and what doesn't.

    As for keeping track of the letters, I have a mail journal/letters log. Every day I record my received items: Sender, location, postmark date, and sender's date. I also record each item I write: Recipient, stationery and stamps used.

    I've thought of Excel, as it would be much more easily searchable, but I enjoy the tactile experience of writing down the mail in its own sort of longhand ledger.

  4. I have a highly sophistacted method - piles! :)

  5. Oh, just found this today. A blog I follow posted a mail register template on her blog back in October 2010. Here's the link:

    Maybe that could work? Pretty simple and as long as your diligent about keeping track, it should work out quite well :)

  6. Thank you to everyone who commented!! I really appreciate it. I haven't picked a method yet, but I am going to think about it tonight and pick the one that I think I can stick too....(we shall see how that goes...).

  7. I checked the blog link that Aykra provided (thanks!), and I decided to print a set of those sheets for each of my pen pals. Then I have the ingoing and outgoing mail listed for each person in one place. Very cool and easy to do!

    I'm glad you asked this question!

  8. Oh...keeping one for each person is a good idea! And I am glad that I asked this question as well. I have gotten some great help! =)