Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Latin Music Legends

It's that time again! The USPS will be releasing a new series of stamps next week commemorating the Latin Music Legends. The stamps were designed by artist Rafael Lopez. You can find his website if you click his name. This is actually the third time the USPS has called upon Rafael's artistic vision to make postage stamps.

Here are the stamps:

Tito Puente

Carmen Miranda


Carlos Gardel

Celia Cruz

Pretty neat huh? I personally love these stamps and look forward to buying some on the 16th. They will make my mail art look a bit more festive.


  1. Beautiful stamps! Did you know that Carmen Miranda was Portuguese, she was born in the city where I studied, she lived there less than a year, because when she was nearly one year old her mother travelled to Brazil with Carmen's older sister to meet the father that was there already. She never came back and her life and career were all out of here but there they never stop saying that Carmen Miranda was from there :)

  2. I like it a lot! They look great..

  3. Ooh, these are great. Kind of want some...

  4. Joana- I didn't know that but how cool!!

    Marina- I cannot wait to see them up close!

    Alena- I know right? I (for some reason) am drawn to the Carlos Gardel and Celia Cruz ones. But they all are very nicely done.

  5. well my good story fell apart. the people I work with don't read my blog so I'll let it stand! the only other person I can think of who I might have sent them to is Lorna in the UK.

    Just the other day someone told me I needed a hat like Carmen Miranda. I work at our high school cafiteria scooping fruit. we have almost 1,200 students in the 11&12th grade, I scoop a lot fruit! Working 4 hours a day with summers off gives me lots of time for art..plus I dress up for work..big swatch of farbric with fans on it wrapped around my head and real red chop sticks are my General Soe's(sp?)chicken day hat. I have several other looks. my boss always tells me I have to much fun...we work with kids..got to have some fun!