Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mail Call Friday we will see exactly how long this lasts but I am toying with the idea of having a "Mail Call Friday". That way each week I can share with you some of the wonderful pieces that have come in that week. I am constantly amazed by all the wonderful things that I get in my mailbox each week and I want to get better at sharing them with you.

So here is a picture of some of the mail that I have gotten this week.

As you can see there was lots of fun stuff waiting in my mailbox this week! I got a few letters, some postcards and a few things I wanted to show you a bit more of.

The envelope on the left was sent by Elle. How awesome is that envelope? I must say I am a total Dr. Seuss nut!! AND we just celebrated his birthday at work. So this envelope had me hooked before I even opened it. Then inside there was a nice note and some idle postage. The envelope on the right side was sent to me by Jill. She sent me some good luck with that wonderful handmade clover. How appropriate as I am Irish. =)

The final piece I wanted to show you a little more of was sent to me by Dave .

Look at all that awesome stuff!! I cannot wait to make some interesting art out of it. I already know that at least one of the stamps is destined to become jewelry. (yup thats right..not only do I sent stamps on letters..i wear them as jewelry too). And on that note, I do believe it is time that I go make some art on this rainy Ohio day. I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

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  1. Great stuff! I can't wait to see what you do with it all! I had fun stuffing the envelopes...wanted to make it all interesting and challenging!