Monday, March 7, 2011

Ok...One Final Thought for Today

Ok...I no more than finished my post about how I file my mail...and there was something waiting to be read in my RSS feeds. I follow all kinds of varied subjects..but this one actually got me to sit and think a bit. That and well...I think it is highly absurd!

The article I read (here) is about how some European countries are initiating a new system of posting your mail. You can simply buy your postage by sending a text message and then you get a message in return with a code. You plop the code on your mail and it is good to go. So basically it works much like the mail system does for US Soldiers. They simply write "free mail" in the upper corner of their envelopes and its good to go.

Denmark and Sweden are the two countries that are mentioned in this article..and all I can think of unhappy the mail will look if they move to using codes. Sure it saves some paper..but how bizarre is this? Seems like it would take more time to be verifying the codes are correct than simply running the post and checking stamps.

Oh well. Sometimes technology can be saddening. Do you have any thoughts on this? If so..I would like to hear them.


  1. thanks for the wonderful mail, I got it today!
    texting for mail code....I don't text. I am not a cell phone fan. I use my cell phone maybe once a month. It's never turned on...gets on my husbands nerves.
    I will have to picket the post office, SAVE the STAMP!

  2. You are most welcome for the mail! And while I do text...texting for a postage stamp seems odd. Thank goodness the US isn't talking about doing anything like that any time soon.