Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Request Followed by a Bit of Fun

Happy Sunday! Today has been a decent day. I am getting closer to having a working mail database. (again I promise to share once it is finished complete with screenshots!) Which I think will make it easier to keep track of everything. I have not however, started to really respond to any of my mail that I got in last week...I will be doing that once I am finished here.

I have a request to ask of all of you (or the ones that it applies to). In trying to get my mail database complete I am trying to put together a complete (or as complete as I can get it) contacts list. So...what I would like all of you to do (if you have a second) is to email me with your name, address, and blog address (if you have one). You only need to do this if you would like to either start sending mail or if you have sent me something in the past. Chances are I have all of your addresses in the database already (if we have corresponded before) but I am doing this to be double sure.

The reason I am asking you to send me the link to your blog (and anyone can send me this whether we correspond via real mail) is so that I can then add them to this page as blogs I follow. Cause I have yet to really do that. Haha. It is just such a daunting task..but I would like to showcase the blogs that I read because you all have such wonderful posts!

Now the bit of fun. I am not sure how many of you have seen this blog, but it is quite neat to follow. Gary Grayson writes/produces art for the A Creative Path blog. He posts prints that he has made using his computer on the blog round about once a week. Now here comes the real neat part! If like a print that he posts (a new one that is) and are the first one to comment on the post and then email get a free copy of that print!!! How cool is that? I commented on one a few weeks back and was very happy to get mine in the mail. In fact I am going to frame it and hang it up.

Gary also has a website called Artefacts where you can purchase copies of his prints. They all come printed on museum quality paper which means they are perfect for framing and hanging them up!!

I definitely think you should pop over to this blog and check out some of the prints he has made. They are just wonderful! Anyway, I do hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I am off to send some mail.

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