Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Long Does it Take To Get There?

I wasn't quite sure of what to post about today until I read this article. Basically the article talks about a letter that was sent in 1943 that just finally made it to its destination. The letter was sent from Camp Roberts by Lt. Mervin Teig to his family back home in Iowa in 1943. The letter just finally made it to his brother last month.

What is even stranger about this story is that letter that was mailed in 1944 just finally made it guessed it Camp Roberts! Now, the letter that was mailed to the Camp was sent to a lady who was working for the Red Cross at the time. But weird?

Now the postal service says that things like this rarely happen. Usually it happens when a letter gets lost behind a shelf (or other furniture) and it is finally found years later when they move them. But either way I still think cases like this are sooo cool. I am still hoping that one day I will get some lost mail from Japan (I never got what was sent to me from a friend).

Anyway, I thought the article was pretty neat so I wanted to share it. I am hoping that maybe tomorrow I can post some pictures of my incoming mail. I am thinking once a week posting my mail might be a good choice. Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful day! Cheers!


  1. I've got my traveling doll, Candace from my blog lost in the mail at the moment, Who knows where she'll turn up!

    We just got word from the folks we were visiting in France last year that they got our post card from Morocco exactly a year later. I'm sure it must have fallen behind a desk or something like that.
    xoxo Kim

  2. Sounds a bit twilight zone to me. I have noticed lately that posts are moving faster than ever, a few days to cross the country and 5 or 6 to get to Europe and beyond. What other mail is lurking out there that is a mystery? xox Corrine