Monday, March 7, 2011

Ok...I Lied...

This afternoon I am filled with things to blog about aren't I?

Well it just so happens that I found one of my favorite bloggers, Numinosity, is holding a 200th post giveaway! AND..she is giving away extra chances if you blog about it! goes:

This self proclaimed "Rustafarian" does a little bit of everything. From paintings (which are really cool), a bit of collaging (totally awesome) and probably the most interesting to me...she makes her own beads!! Beautiful ones at that. I wish I knew how to do it..sadly I tried once and well..lets just say I leave the bead making to the real artists.

I highly recommend that you visit her blog, not only for the chance to win some really neat stuff, but also because as I said before..she makes some really cool art!!

She has not one...but TWO Etsy stores!! In the first one she sells has some really neat paper ephemera listed. I drool every time I look at it. And the second one she showcases her beads! If you are like me you will be astounded by their beauty.

Oh and she has been a busy bee because aside from the blog, and the two Etsy stores...she has found the time to start her own website which you can find here. Cool huh? should jog on over to any or all of the sites I listed cause you are bound to see some pretty neat things!


  1. Thanks so much Misty, fabulous of you to post this. Thanks!
    xoxo Kim

  2. Miss Kim is quite talented and a personal friend. Doesn't she have great stuff! Oh la la, I have some of her earings, I wear them all the time. xox Corrine