Thursday, March 3, 2011

Envelope book 1

Ok, so I set about trying to make a tutorial on how to make envelope books and completely failed at the very first step.

Step one: Gather the items needed to make an envelope book.

Enough envelopes for however big you want your envelope book.
Gluestick or Bottled Glue or Double Stick Tape
A Bone Folder (helps making the creases neat
A Pen and Pencil
Things that aren't shown...

Step Two: Take envelopes and open them up.

Step Three: Lay the envelopes open side down. Then move one of the flaps over top of the other envelopes bottom. You are going to glue this down.

As you can see from the blue arrows, the envelopes are overlapped and glued down. You will continue this step for as many envelopes as you want. I chose to do three.

Step Four: Once you have as many attached as you want you can decorate the envelopes and then fill them with goodies. When you are all done you can fold the envelopes up together and send them on. =)

The first envelope book is completed.


  1. I made this style book several years ago and use it to stash ephemera. I never thought know...mail one. Doh! ; )

  2. They do work well to stick things in. Haha. But they also make very neat mailings. =)

  3. Thanks for the tutorials! I am so behind in reading the blogs I follow...I'm finding all sorts of wonderful things as I do!!