Friday, March 25, 2011

Mail Call Friday

It's friday again!! You know what that's MAIL CALL time again! Woohoo!!

But before I get into the mail I wanted to share some photos from the hike I took yesterday. This first one is of my nephew Carter.

And this second one is the deer backbone he found in the field..(we then had to bring it home haha).

So as you can see...he totally had a blast... Now on to some mail!!

As you can see it was a pretty good mail week. Though I had two days with NOTHING in the box! That needs to be corrected...which means I need to get better about responding to my mail when it comes in instead of doing it and sending it all at once. haha

Oh and I am in the midst of creating a really neat way to keep track of my mail...I will share it when it is finished and all the bugs are worked out. For now I will tell you that it is a lil technical and it is (of course) on the computer but it is not in Excel. Got your mind going?? Guess you will just have to wait until it is unveiled!


  1. Carter's gloves look bigger than he is, sweet. Just remember whatever you do on the computer, back-up. We have lost so much important stuff by forgetting that simple advise. Can't wait to see your idea. I need a good one. xox Corrine

  2. In need of any tips on how to keep organized..but then I need someone to help me get started. my husband has said a few weeks in boot camp might straighten me out...or I might cause the milliarty to fall apart!

  3. Corrine- Those are his "work gloves". haha. They came in handy dragging that set of bones back to the house. And I am pretty good about backing up my important things like pictures and such. I would hate to lose those things. And my contact lists I keep on paper as well as digitally. =)

    Jill-I know the feeling! It took me a while to come up with any sort of system and now I am trying to make it better!

    I promise to share when I get it all set up. =)

  4. Look at that smile! Carter is adorable.

  5. I love hikes and finding bones..oh that sounds weird..LOL! I got your package, thank you so much, I love the papers and i will put them to good use!