Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Toy Voyagers

Anyone out there ever host a Toy Voyager? I hadn't until just a few days ago. I found one in my mailbox. =)

His name is Robbie and he is a mouse/bear..thingy. He is kinda cute but you can tell he has travelled quite a lot.

(Robbie is the small bear hiding behind the hiking stick of my hiking bear)

If you arent sure what Toy Voyagers, they are stuffed toys that travel from one person to the next and back home once their travels are done. You can take and upload pictures of your adventures with the animal on the site. Also, you could have fun and send little things on with him to the next person.

My first experience with the site is positive...and I think the library should start an account and have a travelling bookworm!

**On a side note I apologize for the short length, but I had a rough day at work. Not to mention an empty mailbox waiting at home.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!!


  1. The traveling bookworm for the library is a splendid idea! I think children would love seeing the photos of where the worm has gone and what books he's found :)

  2. Your envelope book arrived today, thank you for making my mailbox happy! It is so cute and the goodies inside were a fun surprise. Now Im going to use it as pattern to build one.
    It was cool to see my letter on your blog on Friday. I hope your day gets better and you get some relaxing in this evening.

  3. Yes, I had a traveling doll Candace. I sent her out a year ago and was supposed to get her back in April.
    It appears that she is lost now after the last recipient and she hasn't turned up anywhere. I'm so sad about it because she really had some great adventures.
    If you do a search on my blog most of the posts about her should show up,
    xoxo Kim

  4. Candace was here too and Cute Potatoe, a stuffed pototoe from Beste's fabric art in Germany. These chsracters have had more adventures that we all have. xox Corrine

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the bad day. I hope today is better!

    I love the idea of a traveling bookworm for the library. How fun!

    My niece and nephew, now 18 and 22, each had a stuffed bear travel to various places with different people as part of a fifth-grade class assignment. The bear had a little notebook for journaling, and a camera for photos. One of them lucked onto a pilot, so there were cool photos from a cockpit during flight.

  6. We had something similar to that in grade school. Though I dont think I ever took him home with me. I am not sure why, haha.

    I am working on a bookworm..only because I think it would be totally cool!

    And I am sorry to hear about Candace! I do hope she turns up soon. Perhaps she is just taking a vacation from her vacation? =)

  7. I have a ToyVoyager going around the world at the moment - Indigo. Some of the photos that get sent back to me are amazing!

  8. I have a ToyVoyager going around the world at the moment - Indigo. Some of the photos that get sent back to me are amazing!