Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2012 Postage Increase

Were you aware that postage next year may cost more here in the US? I knew they were talking about increasing it, and really we get a good deal for what we pay currently. In fact, I wrote a post about that here. The new price changes (if approved) will take affect January 22, 2012.

Some of the postage changes are as follows:

First Class- 45 cents for the first ounce
Postcard- 32 cents for up to 4X6
International - $1.05
Letters/Cards to Mexico or Canada - 85 cents

Other changes were mentioned here, but not detailed as to how much the increase will be.

Some things are getting more expensive, but others aren't that big of a difference. I know for myself, the big difference is in the international mail. I don't send too much internationally (yet) but I can see where I may have to limit myself on how many postcrossing cards I send out each month. Because they could certainly add up quickly!

What do you think of these changes? Are you happy? Angry? Indifferent? Will these changes affect how much mail you send? I would love to hear your opinion on this. =)


  1. I've said it before--the US Post Office is the only business I know that things it can improve things by raising rates and cutting service.

    I would feel better abut paying higher prices if it meant I wouldn't have to deal with stacks and stacks of junk mail every day.

  2. (sorry about the typos! THINKS it can... and ABOUT paying higher...)

  3. I wish the domestic postage went to 50¢ and the international to just $1. That would be a steep increase on domestic, but most mail in the US is domestic and I think 50¢ is still quite good. Increasing the international by so much just makes it seem like the USPS doesn't want to encourage us to send international mail.

    And postage for postcards got a much need increase. The previous 1¢ increases were ridiculous. Although ... I still have a roll of 1000 penny stamps I bought years ago after a postcard postage increase and there are lots and lots of stamps left on that roll.

    I sent a lot of mail, but I also get a lot of mail, and it is well worth the expense. This is my hobby. Hobbies are by nature expensive :-)

  4. I agree, I agree, I agree. International mail at 98 cents for a postcard has always seemed steep to me. I tend to round off cents, but a $1 for a letter is a decent price to pay. I've already begun cutting back on Postcrossings.

  5. Bev- I know where you are coming from!

    Postmuse- I completely agree with you. I would rather see the in country rate increase more than the international. Then again it will all even out. I send out a lot of mail too. And I am just starting to get letters from overseas. In the long run though, it is a healthy habit and one that I think I will be sticking with, even with the postal increase. =)

    Limner- I started cutting back on Postcrossing too! At this point I can send out 11 at a time. I am usually forgetful which means that when I check (like now) I can send 10 cards. Sending all of them at once makes for quite the dent in my stamps. However, if I would only keep up with it, it wouldn't seem so bad. I think I will do one card a week. That is something I can definitely afford (and hopefully remember to do!)