Friday, October 21, 2011

Every Letter is Special

I have been getting emails about this since I started keeping the afterwards anyway. People ask if they can write to me even though they aren't artists. My answer is always the same. OF COURSE!! I enjoy writing the letters even more than decorating the envelopes. But that is not to say that I do not enjoy a nice piece of mailart. It just means that I value each piece of mail the same.

Now you may be asking what brought this to mind. I read this post over at Elle's Art of a Letter blog. She words this so very well..that I didn't want to do a long post. Please check out her blog post and know that I share the same feelings on the matter. =)


  1. Hi Misty!

    I have always felt this way myself -- I used to have a lot of friends in Pacific Rim countries, and I was always touched that we could communicate through letters as their native languages were not English. I cherished each of them, and were sad to see their letters disappear over the years. I have encountered people who didn't like letters that are not the same length that they send out themselves or do not like people who have difficulties with English. I find that beyond odd and hurtful. What drew me into letter writing originally was to reach out beyond where I live myself and connect to someone who has a different life, a different culture, and a different way of seeing the world. In a small way, to bridge the gaps that occur in a global community by extending friendship to someone you have yet to become acquainted with.

    I love each letter that arrives to me and always have. I've been writing long before 'mail art' or 'altered art' even became a buzz word expression, and seriously longer than there were blogs. All of my friends are creative in each of their own ways, and I have never understood some of the comments in certain blogs where one way is better than another.

    Maybe my approach is different than some of whom I've stumbled across in the blogsphere (not the main blogs I follow, which more or less are the ones you follow too!) but I would think that in a world deeply attached to gadgets and high tech living where instant gratitfication is high priority,... I think the ability to step away, slow down, and have a connection to someone on a personal level would be something we should always celebrate and look forward too.

    Your sunshine friend.

    PS: I have also found people who only accept handwritten letters, whereas I have always accepted both handwritten and typed. Mostly as I felt its the content of what is written that is more important than what it is composed on. This is the same as not having preferences for writing papers and stationery.

  2. I commented in Art of a Letter blog post about it but I will do it here too:) I have pals that don't decorate envelopes and just write on plane paper amd their letters are as important to me as of those who decorate them. I appreciate if someone spends time to make decorations of course but they're always an extra and the content is most important:)

  3. Sunshine Friend- I agree with you! I honestly couldnt care less if the person wrote on a napkin (preferably clean) or fancy shmancy stationery. All letters are special in their own way!

    GotThatSwing- I think you hit the nail on the head! Appreciating the time someone took to decorate it is much different than requiring it. =) The content truly is the most important part along with the connections that are made.

  4. You know me- I would love a letter written on the backs of box tops and canned goods labels (literally these are the best) as well as anything in between. As long as it gets to me, tells me how the heck my friend is doing, maybe imparts some cultural wisdom - I'm happy as a well fed mailbox!

  5. As a complete total non-artist (unless stick fingers suddenly become the trend), I always worry about not being into mail art when I become pen pals with someone who is. Thanks for pointing out the post and seconding the thoughts, as you are definitely very creative. :)

  6. Maria- I am sure I speak for more creative people too when I say this. I love letters regardless of the design. (And as a secret...shhh..sometimes it is nice to get a plain letter because it means I can focus all my energy on the inside rather than half on the inside and half on the out. That is why a lot of my "mail art" is just simple homemade envelopes.)

  7. Letter-writing should not be forgotten amidst the technology nowadays.