Monday, October 17, 2011

Fun Mail from Limner

I am feeling lazy today. This is probably because we have had more rain in the last few days than I would like. And then today, it is chilly but still nice and sunny! I think I may take Butch out to get some fall pics of him. If they turn out, look for them in a future post.

But today I wanted to share this mail with you:

Limner sent me this cute package with the Snoopy stamp (which some of you will be seeing on your mail from me) and a small packet of Pomegranate Green Tea from Republic of Tea. you can see, I have a canister of that tea because it is one of my favorites. How did she know?? I swear we have an ESP connection.

Thank you Limner. You are truly a wonderful person!!

What fun mail have you gotten recently?


  1. I had to wait for new ones. Seemed they were always sold out when I did my once a month stamp crawl through craft stores. Thought you might like one, too.

    We like the same tea! :) I have a special thing with pomegranates. My grandmother gave me my first one; she let me help water the little tree; thought I was eating rubies. LOL.

    Hope you will try the blueberry tea this winter. It's magical. They are the only two I like, but one of our favorite restaurants carries the kiwi mango in bottles. It's my special spring tonic.

    I turned my youngest sister on to the blueberry recently. She's a fan now. Do you eat pomegranates? I want a tree.

    You are so welcome, my friend. Let's have tea some evening. ;)

  2. Limner- I have never had the Blueberry one, but I certainly will be trying it after your review!! I just love the taste of the pomegranate one! Believe it or not...I have never eaten on before. But perhaps on my next grocery trip I will pick one up. Though I will have to read about how to tell if they are good. Haha.

    The snoopy stamp is getting quite the workout! I just love it!!