Friday, October 14, 2011

I am Behind

I am incredibly behind in my mail AGAIN. Haha. I was almost caught up before this week. Remember when I told you that I joined LetterNet? It is a site hosted by the postal service in Germany. Well...I have gotten a few requests for my address and now I have three penpals from Germany!!

Not to mention that I have gotten such lovely mail from lots of you readers! You are all so good to me!!

So anyway, I am going to leave this here with a few fun pictures. I have lots of writing to do!
This is Jack or who I refer to as Jackie. He is a cute cat, but was taken away from his momma too soon.
As promised, this is a picture of Butch that I snapped the other night. He was laying at the foot of my bed. A little blurry, but it wasnt nice enough to take pics outside today. Soon.
Fender sleeping in Carter's old high chair. Haha. How he is comfortable I will never know.
And finally my Halloween nails! I love these Sally Hansen Nail Polish Salon Effects!


  1. I have an orange tabby cat ~ aren't they the BEST?

  2. I just recently joined too and had several requests last week. I love your nails and the kitties are too cute and so is your dog.

  3. your nails are awesome! I have never seen nail strips like those before but they look pretty cool.

  4. Susan- They are totally cute! Jack is about as loveable as they come.

    Vagirl- It is great, I have a few letters right now from people on the site.

    Marian- You can find them at drugstores or I got mine at Walmart. They had them on sale for $8.50 a set. =)

  5. Why do those pets look happier and more content than most humans? LOL! Makes me smile.