Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mailbox Bandaids

Is this not one of the coolest things ever? I giggled with delight when I pulled it from the mailbox. How fitting. Not only is it a mailbox with bandaids on it..but it is a book cover! Oh Kelly P. you are amazing!

On a side note, Limner turned me on to this blog and I instantly fell in lust with her sketches! I think I may have to own some by buying one of her zines. It definitely makes me what to create a zine. But then I think..would anyone read it?

Well, I am off to write more letters!


  1. Well i enjoy reading your blog so therefore i'd check out your zine : )

  2. whoops, some pieces got left behind somewhere between here and there--sorry USPS!! there was a red heart between the I and the mailbox, and a big plastic top to the exclamation mark, which now only a dot remains, and it appears the bandaids got a little wonky going through the machines, but all in all, it worked out pretty well after your mailbox got a boo boo last week, glad it made you giggle Misty.

  3. Montigneyrules- Thank you! I am brainstorming ideas for one. If I do get one made, I will be sure you would get a copy. =)

    Kelly- I am highly intrigued. Haha. I got 2 of 3 and 3 of 3...but no #1. And you said it was uncommon, which can only mean it is going to make me smile! I promise a letter to comment on everything else, but the mustaches were hilarious! If only I could get Brad to hold it up for a picture..but he wouldn't do it. Haha. He always says be gets "fan mail" when someone mentions him in the mail. And he was envious of my Alamo Penny. =)

  4. Holy cow, I visited Andrea's blog as well and am absolutely blown away! Thanks for sharing!

  5. That's just too cute. Mailboxes need taking care of, too. :)

    Glad you like the blog, Misty. Those pens immediately reminded me of you. Such a great artist, huh?

    Oh, I'd want a Misty 'Zine. Hope you do it.

  6. Limner- I actually wrote to the company that makes my mailbox (Step 2). The world headquarters is actually in the next town over (Streetsboro on your map). Anyway, I wanted them to know how pleased I was ove there box holding up the way it did. If I hear back I will be sure to post it on the blog.

    That blog is wonderful!! I do hope she continues as her sketches are amazing!

    Don't tell anyone..but I have an idea for a zine lined up. Perhaps I will tell you all about it in a letter. You'd be the first to know!