Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sometimes I am Artistic

Click the picture to get a larger version. I tried to make it larger..but it distorted a bit.

This went out to train lovers.(They have already gotten I am not ruining the surprise). Pretty neat huh? I am experimenting with more like this. Including an idea I have for a Halloween one. I will show you once the recipient has gotten them.

Have you ever done a puzzle cover?


  1. Nice! :D I have never done something like that. Good idea=)

  2. So this is several covers that combine to make one picture? Sorry If I'm a bit dense on this but I think that's what I'm looking at and what you must mean by puzzle cover. As you may have guessed I have not ever made a puzzle cover, ha!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, It' so nice to feel with it again with internet at home now.
    xoxo Kim

  3. Goodness gracious oh my-oh me Misty. How long did it take you to create those? Last night, while reading in bed, I came across a train that reminds me of yours. Will have to send it for you to believe it. :) That ESP thing strikes again.

    SOMETIMES you are artistic? Isn't that like saying SOMETIMES you have blue eyes? LOL. Gosh, I hope those aren't contacts. ;)

  4. Got That Swing- Thank you!

    Numinosity- Yes that is 4 envelopes that all together make a design. They are a puzzle because you need to have them all in order to have the full design..and in that case..the full letter. =)

    Limner- It took roughly 5 hours from start to finish. I made another (that I haven't decided who it will go to) that took me roughly 3 last night. Aren't trains neat in general? And yes, I do wear contacts, but mine are clear contacts and thus aren't doing anything to the shade of color in my eye. Remind me sometime to tell you a funny story about colored contact lenses sometime. =)